What I’ve learn from Dorra

Somewhere out there, there is always a similar competitor offering services at less than 10% of the inflated price you are being offered right now. I found them for slimming and I found them for other stuff too. For example, an educational course that I wanted to take a few months back, cost $2000+ to sign up. $2000+ is a reasonable price for this course, because I found it elsewhere at more than 2x the prices. And it is true it is the market rate as well. However, today I found it for less than $100, the same course, the same contents, the presenters are saying the same things during the preview, they make sure you learn something, just without all the fluff and additional handholding.

NOTE: I am not representing any business or services or anybody. What I’ve written here is purely my own views and my own experience. Hence I am NOT mentioning any names whatsoever. People who are free to contact me via e forum for any verification that I am a REAL PERSON.


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