The purpose of this blog

Hello, this blog was set up with the intention of expressing my experience with Dorra Slimming, since I cannot find any outlet or authorities to help me with. At this moment of writing, I am thinking of reporting them to CASE for cheating me large sums of money and making promises in their sales pitch that is a blatant lie.

I bet before u come to my site, u have already read many other reviewers and comments about this slimming center.

Yes they use:
• Aggressive selling, hard sell
• They don’t give you your $10 trial until you sign up for a package
• They trap you in their cubicles, repeating to you the same “fear-inducing”
tactics over and over again and refuse to prepare your treatment for you, wasting your time when you have already made it clear to them not once, not twice but repeatedly to them that you are NOT interested in a package.
• Their sales assistants are mostly made up of Malaysians, unable to speak English in a full sentence.
Their sales team lie.

More updates later…..

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13 Responses to The purpose of this blog

  1. christinelct says:

    I am so regret to sign up a package with them last week. I heard the promotion from 883, and then I make an appointment with them last week. The consultant keep asked me to sign up for “Bye Bye Fat” package, which cost $3K++. I told her the package too costly for me, then she asks me signed for body shaping package (10x, cost abt $600+7% GST).
    Yesterday is my second treatment. During the treatment, the consultant keep force me to upgrade my package to BBF, I told them more than 10x I do not want to upgrade.
    -she keeps telling me if I not using BBF treatment, it cannot resolve my problem.
    -even I do exercise, it will only build up my muscle, cannot remove the fat
    -even I cut down my meals, the fat will still be there
    -she keeps saying I come here b’coz I know my problem, so must upgrade for BBF in order to resolve my problem……

    I pissed-off and told her if you keep forcing me to my upgrade I will complain to your manager. Then she stops to hard sell the package. On the day I back home, my skin start appears itchy red dots. I sms her but no reply until i send her 2nd sms, then said my change the product for me.

    Will update after this…

  2. Alice says:

    Have you reported this case to CASE?

  3. pizza says:

    Hey, I feel deeply cheated by them as well. I should have discover your blog earlier so that I wouldn’t get cheated by them. Twice! Yes. I upgraded my package and I am feeling so regret about it!

    • Alice says:

      Hi Pizza,
      I don’t understand why you felt cheated and still upgrade the package with them? Did you satisfied with the current since you had your package upgraded?

  4. Michelle says:

    I am also a victim . What do I do?

    • Alice says:

      I would suggest you to file an appeal to CASE since you are regretted. May be they can help since they are the professional authority that is set up to assist consumer and give valuable advices.

  5. Jane says:

    Guys, I am from malaysia. I was so regretful to sign up the package with Dora few weeks ago… and wanted to get my money back since i have not started any treatment from them thus far.. In fact, i went back their centre the next day to request for refund but they intentionally drag my case thus far.. i do not want to start up the treatment as i do not have confidence with them anymore.. how is your case in Singapore? able to get refund from them?

  6. Wow, I was just about to go there tomorrow for a FREE session. I guess I’ll probably just don’t go if I’m worried of getting brainwashed by them (I have fallen into these sales traps from some other places too). One way that I learnt is don’t bring any nets or credit cards when going to such places. By doing that, there’s a “chance” to think it over or simply “walk out” from there. Too much lesson to be learnt….

    And I’ve gone through slimming the past two year and all that I can say is taking a shortcut to slimming doesn’t eliminate the problems altogether. Having a regime of healthy nutritious food and exercise is a guarantee that the body is slimming down the right way. You just need a little motivation for that. Make it a new year’s resolution….And one tip, green tea works wonders 🙂

  7. jack leong says:

    Slimming Sanctuary service is not as promising as compare with the first sign up. They just want your money and when they have more and more clients, they will not not attend to you and just feel that you appointment is ignoring. The place / room for treatment is not as expecting as when you saw in their flyers and advertisement. There is also kind of smell from the room that cannot make you relax. Kind of smelly thingy from the unwashed cloth. Gosh!!! So why waste your money on this kind of center ? Cheater and liars when come to consultation.

  8. Luving Snow says:

    I encountered same fate as @christinelct

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