Other slimming centres VS Dorra

I disagree! I don’t agree that Dorra has superior products compared to other slimming centres. In fact I think they have about the same products, at least the effects feel the same to me, and they tell you the same thing, to control your diet and to eat less, drink more water, sleep well.

But one thing I do agree, that is 5 sessions is not enough! See what they sell me here.
To get to your desired shape, there must be at least 10 and above sessions. After 10 sessions, you will then see significant lasting changes. This is the same for ALL slimming centres! (IF they do wrapping as well.)

But why the price difference?! Its ridiculous.

I personally have tried another slimming centre where I went for 10++ sessions at less than a hundred dollars. YES, LESS THAN a hundred dollars, and the result is there ARE results, and I would say significant changes to the outlook of my stomach. Not totally flat, but I believe

I am also using Bio-Essence Celebrity Tummy cream (the red tube) right after this slimming centre packages ends, and it works as well.

I eat normally, I don’t go hungry. I eat until I am full, sometimes too full.
Wen I have the urge to over-eat and binge, I control and eat probably like 70% of my binging phase.

Conclusion: its not that slimming at Dorra is buying LV at authorized retailer store, and slimming at other centres is buying LV at the streets, because both requires committed sessions (at least 10 and above) to work, and both requires diet to play a part, so I don’t see why I should throw 2K++ at Dorra and get the same results as the <$100 slimming package, which I shall not name.**

This is another outright lie from Dorra.
See more lies.

** Because their promotions come and go, and I am not their spokesperson. I have complaints about them too, but at least they don’t lie. For similar promotions, visit:

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4 Responses to Other slimming centres VS Dorra

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  2. Sharon says:

    It happened to me too. U must make a police report ASAP. This is cheating case. U should not let them take ur money easily. If u r genuine customer, nothing be afraid n fight for ur right. Other victim, please make police report ASAP. Your cooperation much appreciated. Thanks

  3. dazzlingprincess says:

    Could you please email me…not sure u got my email or not..i might wrongly translate ur email..=p…fyi…ur stories is almost 90% same as mine…hope we can work together..

  4. Sham says:

    Thanks for the information, I was called in for their trail too. Now I would not want to go there at all.

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