Dorra slimming sales assistants lied

Yes they lie, making promises that their products and services cannot fulfill, and they lie about their operations.

Lie No. 1.: 5 sessions will solve every inch of your problem! Discounted “Model Pricing”

When I went for the free trial, they started talking about the package and wanted to sell me a few thousand dollar package, somewhere along the line of 3-4k for 10 sessions of Byebye Fat program, and 10 wrapping and 10 “heating and light machine” of which they affectionately nickname it the “space machine”, 太空船。

After I consistently tell them this package is too expensive for me, they asked what is my budget and I said I would only pay 2K for the entire slimming to solve my problem. And they looked a bit unwilling (such good actors), and said they would give me a “Model Pricing”, meaning that after treatment I would have to take pictures for them like the model in the picture frame (they pointed to the model picture in the room) and also I am not to disclose this pricing to anyone because this price is only specially for those who are willing to be a testimony for their services. What a load of crap! To think I believe and told them I am OK to help them take pictures but do not want my face to be shown. They said OK.

The reason I say why they are such good actors is because they have been selling everyone 5 sessions of byebye fat at 2k all along!

They then encourage me to take on debt by using the bank’s installment plan, where you pay Dorra the lump sum, and then you pay an admin fee to the bank so that you can slowly pay off the lump sum with the bank.

Lie No. 2.: Old consultant was FIRED! Not gone back to hometown.

One day I suddenly receive a phone call saying my consultant has gone back to Malaysia urgently for a personal emergency and said I would have a new consultant take over. I am totally fine with that.

The first few times I met the new consultant, she seems pretty nice, and a Malaysian, just like the previous one. So out of concern, I sometimes asked about the old consultant how is she. Now thinking back, I was so silly to think the old consultant was my ally or even friend. Yeah true, even though she always asks me to upgrade my package even before I finish the current one, I thought that was just her job and I could understand.

Not until, the last time I went back again, after a very long time, I casually asked how is Trix (the old consultant) again. And Elaine (the new consultant) blurted out that she was fired. I was shocked. I thought maybe she made some mistakes at her work. But as the conversation goes on, I gathered that T sold her customers packages and overpromised that they would see effects within 5 sessions, and some customers had complained about her.

The more I think about it, the more weird I found this whole thing, and then I remembered there was a time I felt very angry because the real fat-burning session was only 5 sessions, at the rate my stomach was responding, we definitely need more than 5 sessions, then how come the consultant promised that 5 sessions would solve the problem and then I can take model pictures like those in their picture frames? Just blame myself for being too eager to solve my problem and actually believe their false advertising and puffed-up sales talk. It’s like the old lady buying a stone believing it could solves her rheumatism.

If a product promises to solve your problem, as represented by its sales people,
and doesn’t,

So I went out to talk to Elaine and told her it wasn’t Trix who sold me the package, it was her supervisor, whose name is Wendy. Elaine said, Wendy was fired too. Because some customers complained.

May I know who are those who complained?? Did they give you back money? How can I get help too??

I am not in any position to teach them business ethics, but as a customer, I have to tell you I feel cheated of a promise and a lot of money. See below for the money part.

Until now, I am still not sure if is really fired. Dorra has a few outlets in Singapore and many in Malaysia. Who knows if I snoop around a little, I might find her still around? After all Dorra’s sales assistants are good at lying, aren’t they?

Lie No.3.: Upsold me $1200++ for the same package.
T always tells me to upgrade my package because they are coming up with a brand new series of products which will be less effective, (This is also a lie because E, the new consultant told me they came up with the new series of products that are more effective.) and she wants me to secure the current effective products. If you have a head and you do think, you would realize no one comes up with new things that are lousier than those they already have.

E tells me the same thing except the 10sessions package originally costs $1750 and yet I paid $2160 for FIVE sessions only, which is $400 in excess.

If 10 sessions = $1750
Then, 5 sessions = $875
Why am I am paying $2160?

Was it because I told them my budge was 2K initially?

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  3. Sharon says:

    It happened to me too. U must make a police report ASAP. This is cheating case. U should not let them take ur money easily. If u r genuine customer, nothing be afraid n fight for ur right. Other victim, please make police report ASAP. Your cooperation much appreciated. Thanks

    • Lim baobao says:

      May I ask did the consultant asked you to take off ur shirt and shorts and take ur photo in order to show the difference?
      IS IT NORMAL PROCEDURE? NOW seriously worry about it. CoS i jz went there. Will them use for advertisement or show to the other?? I am so worry..

      • Luving Snow says:

        I was there yesterday, 17/12/2014, Yes, Consultant did asked me to take off my clothes to take a picture to compare the before and aftter ! I felt really cheated by their hard selling, its like a force selling! plus! after reading all the reviews here I REALLY CONFIRMED THAT IM CHEATED! anyone successfully claim their money back?
        ITS $482, i know its not much but its hard earned money =(

  4. Sharon says:

    Me too been cheated…I need ur help to get more victim. Can u help me during my mediation? We must fight for our right… My hp no. 84907076 Sharon

  5. shamila says:

    Thankyou for all the feedback, i was considering going for it but with all this crap i rather stick to the gym and control my own diet regime.My husband went to yup am and got ripped off…i believe all these guys are on the same level of so called cheaters but its funny no authority ever gets them.

    Im glad i didn’t buy anything…but looks like this game of theirs cant continue forever…people are not stupid you know with all this internet and blogging the truth will come out and eventually their sales will drop.

    Thanks again.

  6. desperate says:

    Hi, i need ur help to become my witness for hearing against dorra… I signed package with them but after reading all reviews, I would like to get my money back. Please email me at Thank you for your help.

    • Jane says:

      I would like to know what can we do and through which channel to terminate the package and get refund from Dora.

      Please share your experience.

    • Lim baobao says:

      May I ask did the consultant asked you to take off ur shirt and shorts and take ur photo in order to show the difference?
      IS IT NORMAL PROCEDURE? NOW seriously worry about it. CoS i jz went there. Will them use for advertisement or show to the other?? I am so worry..

  7. Bhava says:

    Hi, glad I came across this site. My friend is also a victim of Dorra’s misleading selling tactics. They literally lie throught their teeth on all the package prices and eventually talk customers into signing up for more packages. What’s worse, they do not provide true information on what a particular package covers and what it doesn’t. My friend had actually signed a package that was suppose to slim and tone her lower body. However, after going for a couple of sessions, the beauticians told her that her exisiting package will not target all areas and in order for her to have a proportionate figure, she has to sign up for other packages in order for her to achieve the desired outcome. All in all, they basically forced her to sign packages amounting to SGD 16,000 and a total of 60 sessions. After her fourth session, my friend realized that the beauticians have been giving her false information and kept on forcing her to sign up for more packages. It is disgusting to know that a slimming parlour that is supposedly under a ‘very big organization’ has to resort to cheap selling tactics to get customers to sign many packages with them. When this matter was brought to the relevant Body, Dorra had only agreed to return my friend SGD 7,000 instead of the full SGD 16,000 that they had taken from her. When asked to provide details on why is this so, they gave her a breakdown figure of all the a lar cate prices she had to bear for individual product & services, including those that were suppose to be under the trial session. What a joke!!

  8. Alesha says:

    HI all, i was an ex-customer. Same cases and same techniques that they used on me, doing sales pitch for 2 hours and misleading me to sign packages after packages. 3 beauticians telling me different things on different occassions, and say i will get disproportionate results if i did not sign on more packages, closed me in the consultation room with a so called branch manager n specialist) I went for 4 sessions out of 30 or 40? (no results seen at all) * i am weighing at 43kg with 1.58m height. yet they tell me i have serious cellulite problem which results in pain in future. and when i turn to CASE, i manage to get 40% of cash refund back.They charge with cancellation charges, admin charges and all kinds of reasons. They are the misleading ones not providing me with details of the packages, one says we will do treatment on ur thighs and run through the bottom so ur results would be proportionate, another says “ur package only for thigh leh, u have to sign up another package for bottom, or else the end-results would be disproportionate and have difficulty getting skirts in future. SO WHICH BEAUTICIAN IS TELLING THE RIGHT THING?! They even got the cheek to ask me to get the refund with their products (as they dun wan to do cash refund), and ask me to sell their boosters on forums!!! Theirs sales representative were all pushy and just wan to sell to get commissions. I learnt hardly from my lesson, i hope others will not have to experience all these unneccessarily.

    If theres anyone need advice on how to approach n get back your money, i may not be able to help much, but at least we can see if our cases relates to each other and find a solution.

    I really hope no one else would be misleaded by them after reading this.

    Ask your friend to accompany you even if u really really still wants to have a trial session, and if u wants to sign the package, u might want to record about what they tell u about the packages before signing. Because its harder to get back your money as they will always use this “our beautician are professional, they tell their customers what the ought to know, and customers know what they re signing for the packages” which is in fact NOT TRUE They hide crucial details and even if u fight in court, they can just cover themselves up and just a simple saying “i cant remember…i have so many customers” Verbal statements are harder to believe when in court as well.

    • Lim baobao says:

      May I ask did the consultant asked you to take off ur shirt and shorts and take ur photo in order to show the difference?
      IS IT NORMAL PROCEDURE? NOW seriously worry about it. CoS i jz went there. Will them use for advertisement or show to the other?? I am so worry..

  9. yeetyngyong says:


    • Lim baobao says:

      May I ask did the consultant asked you to take off ur shirt and shorts and take ur photo in order to show the difference?
      IS IT NORMAL PROCEDURE? NOW seriously worry about it. CoS i jz went there. Will them use for advertisement or show to the other?? I am so worry..

  10. I am cheated of 17k too. Am going to make this issue out to the press and let everybody knows what they had done, in this cas3 we will have a better chance of winning against them!

    Contact me 92472245
    Joint power will make our stand stronger!

  11. Sevon Low says:

    I just signed up the package – 30times for RM7500.
    After seeing all the comment.. i feel like cheated…
    Can i just stop my credit card payment?

  12. khoo1234 says:

    Me too… First, they ask me to sign up bye bye fat treatment cost me RM6k to RM7k.. And ask me to buy essence drink… Cost another few thousand… Just last few week, they told me I need water retention treament, and they shown me all picture n result. Then, i thought is true. Then, i signed up retention treatment for another RM6k for 20 times.
    Today, i went for my treatment n the other consultant ask me to sign up for limph nodes treament. Cos my fat cannit flush out! Come on, i am just deliver baby in last 3 mths n i am only 51 kg with 157cm. Am i that fat?
    I rejected this time, cos i am angry of the information provided by them!
    The consutant said this package is only 20 times for RM6500! And i insist dunt want, and i told them my credit limit not enough.. One of consultant said ti me, why not you out deposit of like RM1000 first….what is this?
    I still have about 20 plus treament with them… I thought the consultant said with water treatment n bye bye fat treament enough to reduce my tummy size… What a fool!

  13. sylverdestiny87 says:

    I just signed up yesterday and i wanted to cancel my plan…how to cancel? I hvnt start any session yet…I signed up in Woodlands Civic centre outlet.

  14. i went to the FOC treatment at Woodland Civic Centre.So regret didnt read the remarks first before proceeding.All the same procedure.When doing the treatment not one but four consultant was inside which is not professional at all.They kept on chitchatting and pestering me to take the stupid session.They even ask for the type of card that im using. The supervisor who is doing the treatment for me,can literally ask her staff to take the card frm my own bag.Are they able to do anything with my bank card number?I think they should just close down for all the outlet with this kind of service.The consultant name is Josephine and supervisor name is Sherry.

    Please read before you proceed down.Maybe we all can do something regarding this so wont let other people have the same regretfull experience.

    • Lim baobao says:

      May I ask did the consultant asked you to take off ur shirt and shorts and take ur photo in order to show the difference?
      IS IT NORMAL PROCEDURE? NOW seriously worry about it. CoS i jz went there. Will them use for advertisement or show to the other?? I am so worry..

  15. I just went down for a trial yeaterday at Woodlands Civic Centre. so regretful going there. Y keep on emphasing how serious i am, my cellilte, my stretchmarks, how my cellulite are moving up from my tights, to me hips, to my waist and even to my arms! not only that, saying that my body is not balance, slant to one side! Tot is a FOC session, end up they pester me to take some booster (Confidence programme) worth $588.50 with 5 free body shape sessions. Lucky I did not have so much money, paid $321 for the stupid trial session. It is true that they do not seem professional at all. When doing the treatment not one but 3 consultant was inside. My consultant Yuki, the other 2 are Josephine & Winnie. They kept on chitchatting and pestering me to take the stupid session.They even ask for the type of card that im using.. When I say that i have no credit card, Y tell me that they have agents to apply for credit card in order for their instalment plans for their packages. She made me sign up for an ANZ credit card. I submitted. and I had also sign on a package for 10 sessions of Bye bye fat worth $4400. but I had not made any payment yet. Do you think they will use the credit card i apllied to swipe for the package?? Are they able to do anything to me?

  16. vcham says:

    I signed up for a 10 sessions treatment in Oct 2011. Only completed 6 sessions within the first 2 months, and do not dare to visit again for the remaining sessions, due to the hard selling from the staff. Paid SGD3210 for the Bye Bye Fat treatment, and my consultant is Christine.

    The treatment did not seem to be effective at all! Before I sogned up the package, the consultant showed me some examples of how much weight their customers lost after 3 sessions. But when I couldn’t see much results after 3X of treatment, the consultant mentioned that was due to my age! So I need to sign up for additional packages in order to see the result!

    By the way, anyone managed to get the refund for the remaining sessions? Thanks

  17. peisee88 says:

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  18. Linda San says:

    I just went to my first so called trial session at Dorra…after I responded to a local radio advert to sms to receive a $600 worth of trial session..
    At the first visit, the Sales Manager did not even mention this $600 gift that I was entitled to.. instead, she kept pushing me to sign up for all sort of package which costs thousands of $$$..
    The awkward part is…she made me took off my clothes and took pictures of the my body neck down..this is to show the fats and cellulite problems… she said “dont need paiseh…i will not take your face…” this happened in the consultation room and when she brought me to the treatment room, there was another consultant there that she said will be doing the treatment and taking care of me! Again both of them took another round of pictures of my body!!! come to think of it…is it legal for them to do so?!!
    oh yes, when the Sales Manager was pushing for me to sign for her package, she was very persistent until she wanted to see what cards i’m carrying in my wallet…I ended up signing $1000 that day as I told her that was the limit on my card…she did not give up and kept asking me to try swiping the card again to see if can go up to a higher amount…She said only another $350 could get me a package of 15 plus 15free sessions…after reading this comments, i’m not sure if i want to continue but can i get my $1000 back or stop the credit card company?

    • Lim baobao says:

      I have same experience as u…. the consultant asked me to take off my shirt and shorts and take my photo in order to show the difference?
      IS IT NORMAL PROCEDURE? NOW seriously worry about it. CoS i jz went there. Will them use for advertisement or show to the other?? I am so worry..

      Anything weird or happen after they taking ur photo?

  19. abhlim says:

    I’m just another latest victim happened today.
    1. Responses to radio station and got appointment to hv free trial sliming on hip.
    2. First appt happened just 7days ago Tuesday.
    3. Instead of doing the lower part of my body for trail , they done a tummy slimming and asked to sign up package in order to enjoy double free sessions for lower part hip slimming.
    4. Trial session also done extra booster to hv other benefits.
    5. My tummy had pain for few days and I called on 3rd day to request cancel. The girl said wait a few more days to see how before cancel.
    6. I went back flwg wk Tues to cancel the package. And they charge $300 for one booster and admin fee $50 plus Gst and refund the balance about $15xx
    7. Refused to gave me back on the copy of agreement signed.
    8. More to come…..

  20. i also responded to a local radio today and got a free trial this coming weekend…should i go???
    does it happen to only one particular outlet in singapore or all outlet in singapore same pushy tactic??? pls share any recent incident anyone has encounter…
    i thought via local radio should be a reliable source…but reading the comments…anyone feedback to the radio station on this ???

  21. abhlim says:

    Hi, I responded to radio station 1003 for free trial. Since you had read so many cases on this topic … Whether its which branch, I believed the consultant are trained to do the same. You should NOT go!!!! I went without checking out feedback and thoughts just for trial .. They will keep calling you to go down for free trial. My intention is to go for trial since they advertise short period can see results .. It’s not true!!! At first they will introduce you a packages for 10sessions free 10 sessions $3xxx then too expensive , they work out half price at 5 sessions $18xx . Be prepared if you decided to go for the trial.. Worst they can tell you take the lowest package to try if good then sign up another to get better results…

  22. hapi fam says:

    Hi, I went for the free trial today because its near by the place I ma going today. There are 2 consultant keep during my treatment and one of them started feel frustrated as she know that i will have budget constraint. Both of them started verbally attacked me. They told others colleagues i just come for FREE trial and i just don wish to talk much with them. One of them name, caLICE LEE bRANCH MANAGER LOCATED AT white sand. Both of them started showing unfriendly face when i refused to join as member for 2 times BYE BYE fat and 3 times body wrap for 300 plus dollar. THey wanted to take my body problem before i sign the package, i rejected. Future even if i wanna sign slimmng package, i will NOT sign from them because their attitude very bad.

  23. Went to Dorra Slimming for trial treatment yesterday after responded to a radio campaign.
    Pleasant surprised to met a young lady as my slimming consultant, Ms. V. she is very gentle and patient throughout the whole session of consultation and body treatment with me. Initially i was quite sceptical about their services as i have heard bad review about Dorra, but I guess i was lucky to met Ms. V. After completed the trial session, she did tried to sell their packages to me (I guess this is part of her job) but i told her that I want to see results before committing to a long term slimming package. Ms. V respected my decision with no further ‘pushing-for-sales’ and asked me to contact her should i changed my mind thereafter. She did mentioned to me that she will keep their special offer for me until end of this month:-). I think i will sign up their packages if i manage to get my bonus by end of this month- fingers crossed!

    Talking about results from their Bye-Bye Fat Treatment, I did noticed some cm loss after my trial session. But again, slimming is all about determination and diet, so girls, No McD & KFC!!

    • Lim baobao says:

      May I ask did the consultant asked you to take off ur shirt and shorts and take ur photo in order to show the difference?
      IS IT NORMAL PROCEDURE? NOW seriously worry about it. CoS i jz went there. Will them use for advertisement or show to the other?? I am so worry..

    • jl88hl says:

      Hi, I exchanged my treatment to essence drink due to my skin allergy. Please contact me if you are interested to buy their essence drink. I am offering low rates.

      Email me at

  24. lwhyu says:

    Hi everyone, really regret not doing more research before gg doen for my trial. Think I’m the latest victim here.

    Session begin with them getting my IC and keep emphasising on a 90min minimal stay there. Than taking of body measurements and the long talk by the consultant, showing me her portfolio of successful cases. Than she try to sell me a 36 mth pkg of $194 per mth. Saying that dun think abt the money u will be convinced when u see the result. I was quite persistent at saying I only want to do the trial session first but eventually gave in (damn stupid of me) , can see they were so happy the moment I say yes. After settling the credit card thing proceed with my treatment and photo taking. Well I must say it did look good for a first session but the consultant did not tell me the exact inch loss( but she kept saying instant result before that). Than she proceed to pass me a box of so call prune juice like drink to be consumed before lunch and dinner.

    On the way home, felt damn stupid abt signing up the package as it cost me almost 7k for 40 sessions. Didn’t dare to tell hubby that I DID sign a pkg when he asked! I remember seeing this notice abt some 5 days cool off period in their consult room, anyone knows the details?

    SERIOUSLY WANTS TO GET BACK MY MONEY, need some kind advise from everyone out there!

  25. The same thing happened to me and my sister. I came to the Dorra at The Curve for the promotion package of RM28/ session. Before the session, they make some fat analysis and told me that a body like me require 40 sessions, but i resisted. So they tried to push me for 20 sessions. I agreed to 10 sessions. Now these sessions will be on top of the promotion session that I will have that day, Saturday, 3 April 2014. After completing my session, they took some photos and showed me the so called improvements. Now that I think back, the photos could be edited. But, they brainwashed you and make you feel like the fat ugly person and so signed up for the package. So i signed up for the 30 sessions, and later to 40 when they said that 40 sessions are what i need, and they have a good offer. I was still slightly dizzy after the “machine” session and they kept on pushing and I don’t know what happened to me but i signed up for the 40 sessions which cost me RM9300 each for both me and my sister. Now thinking about it, i just feel so manipulated.

    Half an hour later, i came back to the outlet and told them i want to cancel my package. They said cancellation cannot be done. They told me the receipt state services rendered are not refundable. So i told them that the services for the 40 session are not yet rendered. We only came for the promotion of RM28 and we have paid for it separately. They told me that they have keyed-in the transaction and any cancellation require the approval from their HQ, so we have to wait until Monday to get the answer.

    Today (Monday) they called me and told me that the cancellation request was rejected by their HQ. If we still want to cancel we have to give a few days time. I asked her to call me tomorrow. However, when my sister called the HQ, they mentioned that no report has been lodged. So she immediately lodged a report to the HQ to cancel our packages. The person at The Curve have been lying after all. Now when I called the HQ customer service to check whether he has lodged our cancellation, he is not available.

    I do think that the so called “consultant” has been manipulating the customers, by harassing our bodies so we feel ashamed and signed up for more sessions.

  26. DarLing FiFi says:

    Thank goodness I stumbled into this review cos I just made an appointment with Jaslin from LOT 1 CCK outlet. I better cancel it off! Thank you for the review!

  27. Adeline See says:

    yes…… I think they are hard sellers and full of lies………. I was there for trial.. n the Consultant… i refused to buy…. then the sales manager came in.. said she used her own cream to let me see the effect…. but the manager managed to me to sign … and then the COnsultant turn around and said that the cream will be deducted from there… worst… when I was put in the space ship for the first time… non of the COnsultant came to check if im okie… THis company really out to cheat our money..

    • Lim baobao says:

      May I ask did the consultant asked you to take off ur shirt and shorts and take ur photo in order to show the difference?
      IS IT NORMAL PROCEDURE? NOW seriously worry about it. CoS i jz went there. Will them use for advertisement or show to the other?? I am so worry..

  28. Hi, i went to Dorra Slimming for trial treatment after responded to a radio campaign. And end up signing up for 7 sessions of stupid BYE BYE fat program & 7 sessions of Body Shape Program. Now blaming myself for not reading all the comments. I want my $$$ back.

  29. Lim baobao says:

    I went to Dorra slimming today. After the weighing session, the consultant ask me to take off my shirt and shorts and take my photo in order to show me the difference. May I ask IS IT NORMAL PROCEDURE? (she said she only capture body but not the face…I did believe…NOW thinking back…dono whether its truth or not)…. NOW seriously worry about it. Will them use for advertisement or show to the other?? I am so worry..Can anyone pls reply me?

  30. estherliow88 says:

    Hi guys, for those in Malaysia you must see this.
    I had the same bad experience too but mine is in Msia sunway pyramid. I went there for a free treatment but ended up being stupid & signed up for RM2k package bye bye fat bcoz their manager said they can help me lose 10kg weight and they will Free me another RM2k cash voucher. So i went for it with monthly installment.

    The manager also showed me their previous customers photo. They showed me photos of people managed to lose many kg even when they eat eg. fried chicken, nasi lemak… and those people are aunties and im only 26 years old.They even discouraged me to go exercise bcoz tat will make my body very muscular which is hard to lose body size. So i listened to them.
    They said i would ONLYneed 10 bye bye fat treatment. But they did not say, tat 10 treatment is not for WHOLE BODY. Each treatment they only concentrate on one part. eg. Stomach is considered 1 treatment, thigh is another treatment.
    This made me so angry! But nvm… This is not the only thing.
    Their so called treatment is where they apply some “booster” on your body and they just use some infared machine to help u to “penetrate” faster into your body which is like 5 minutes only!! Then they will let u sleep in this capsule for 20 mins. That is it! I had experiences in other slimming centre, never have i had such “simple” treatment with the amount of money i paid.

    So after 6 treatment, my body kg did not drop! But they keep saying i lost some sizes. But the result is so so minimal plus i controlled my eating.

    They told me bcoz it’s very difficult for me to lose weight,they said i must try to do water retention treatment which took up 2 of my bye bye fat treatment in exchange for 1 water rentention. They just changed their “booster” type and asked me to sleep in hot blanket and made me sweat like mad. MY KG STILL DID NOT DROP!!!!

    After that, their representative persuaded me to pay another RM1k to get 5 treatment of water retention treatment. I told them NO.

    I told them, i will not spend even a cent anymore. I told them i want to speak to their manager for a refund or else i will sue them to consumer right dept.
    I will meet their manager next week. I want a full refund or else i would sue them to consumer right. For those of u who had the same experience, i encourage u to do the same! Please msg me if u would want to do together!!

  31. Jerie Oh says:

    I was too late to see all the comments/complaint about Dorra.

    I’ve visited their outlet in Woodlands Civic Centre and they manage to let me sign up for the package cost me SGD7,490 for 20 sessions. I did one session and the next day I found out that my tummy has (4) blueblack so I went back to cancel my package. To my horror, to cancel my package I need to pay 30% of the amount of the package, that’s way too much. I was so disappointed and just sign a slip that I only need to pay SGD1,440 for 1 session and cancellation fee, lesson learned, there’s no free in this world even a free trial as what they promise in their advertisement.

    I’m planning to lodge a complaint in CASE tomorrow and hopefully they will help me not to pay the SGD 1,440 for nothing.

    Kindly advice. Thank you.

  32. I am also asking for refund for my unused treatments. I really regret going to DORRA and I feel so stupid. I have lodged a complaint to CASE and made a police report. I have completed about 13 sessions with them and paid a more than 20K under the 36 mths instalment plan. The last straw came last Thursday when I was coerced to buy more packages, even though I still have a lot more sessions left. I was undressed with only a towel drapped over me. I was surrounded by 3 consultants, Camie, Sherry and a treatment specialist insisting that I top up. They refused to let me off even though I told them that it has exceeded my budget. Only then, I realised that I was so foolish to think that they were sincere in trying to help me. They were only concerned about their sales. I felt so cheated, humiliated.

    I want to get most of my money back. I believe there are many more women out there who are stuck with instalment plans that exceeds their budget due to DORRA.

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  34. It’s there any where I can stop my Instalment with this idiot company in Malaysia? As my Instalment was just started.

  35. I plan to write in officially to their management. Will it works? As their customer service was said that they can’t stop the Instalment or cancel it…

  36. I have the same bad experience with Dorra AEON BM which i’m currently working with their HQ and branch manager for refund but still they are keep delaying and asking me to continue with the package… HQ is helpful and arranging for me to meet up the senior manager but branch told me the senior manager is very busy so very difficult to meet up me… WTF… yesterday called me said the HQ rejected my request but HQ did told me i need to work with branch… to and flo breaking information and communcation has caused me feel very angry… i’ll take further action if they refuse to refund me…. anyone could share yours experience???

  37. bc Quah says:

    It’s there any where I can stop my Instalment with this idiot company in Malaysia too? As my Instalment will end by next February, I signed for 10K and stop treatment for a year, I would like to claim my money back.

  38. j3anius says:

    I’m just another one who experienced Dora’s service today.
    1. Responses to radio station and got appointment to hv free trial sliming on hip.
    2. First appt happened just Today .
    3. They talked to me for a good 90 mins on my fat content and what should I do and the treatment they need to get rid of the fat . The lady was really nice and I was really convinced that it was going to work . I was so excited to start the trial alr !!
    4. Supposed to get Bye Bye fat on 2 areas thighs and stomach + body shaping done for the first trial bcos that’s what my consultant said I would get to experienced . But when I went into receive the treatment , they kept talking and talking convincing me to buy the package non stop . Similar to you guys , she asked for my type of credit card , saying students get special discount I get to pay $321 first instead of $588.1 she even said I could pay only $100 first if I don’t have money now .
    5. I was so reluctant to buy any packages that she just said my free trial only included the byebye fat for my thighs . I was shock ???? She agreed to do more for me !! But she lied
    6. So glad I didn’t give in to buying any packages . I thought it was a really good sliming agency but nah after seeing all these bad feedback I’m super thankful I didn’t make any rash decision inside just now .

    • Hi.. i went to Dorra today, and should have read the reviews before having the itch to sms for appointment.
      The procedure is the same as everyone else. However, when talking about the package, the consultant was lowering the price from $1750 (10 sessions) to $800 (5 sessions). After saying im unable to pay, she forced me to open an account and i just paid $25. The cashier or front desk smirk as me. I was embarassed.
      While doing the treatment, the consultant keep on asking me to apply credit card and insist i look prettier when i slim down. (Bullshit). So after the treatment which lasted 20mins, they bring me to a room and asked me to apply a credit card. I just play along to get away from the hard selling. However the application is not complete yet without submission of my cpf statement.
      They even get me to make appointment with a citybank agent to apply a credit card tomorrow. And i am never going. Its true i wanna lose weight. But truth is, i think exercise and eating right is the only way out. Hopefully.
      So dont be cheated!

  39. Jerry Yan says:

    hi guys,
    if you feel that you are a victim of Dorra Slimming centre, why not all of us gather together to file a report on them. this will only be effective when the matter gets big, either on stomp, facebook, newspapers or thru small claim tribunal in subordinate court. we, as the consumers, have the right to reject, and if in any case we felt threatened and pressured in signing a package that we do not want, we have the right to request for compensation from the company. all we need is evidence and to collect all the victims’ testimonials. if you feel that you are being conned, we should take action about it.
    my friend was a victim also at Plaza Singapura outlet, served by the consultant by the name of ‘Christine’. my friend was being pressured to pay for the Booster (which they claimed that it was an EXTRA treatment) during trial session. who agrees with me that the trial session should not even involves any payment? it was clearly stated that trial session is FREE, but yet she needs to pay $300 just for that small bottle, which claimed to be effective, purely just for that 1 session. the staff were very pushy, where she had undergone 60 mins of psychological pressure in signing the package (from $2-1K+ to $900 package), for just that 30 mins slimming trial. she rejected many times and turned the staff down for all the offers already. but still, the staff did not give up in pushing the package even during the trial session. she was being offered to pay an additional $300 for the booster treatment, and psycho-ed her that if she signs the $900 package, it will be even worth as they will give her additional 8 slimming sessions for her. where in the hell would there be trial session that consumers need to pay when it was stated as FREE and/or complimentary? customers have not even undergo the trial treatment, and have yet to see the result, was being told to make payment already (friend was being asked to make payment inside the trial room instead over at the counter – so as to prevent her from discussing the matter with me). where in the world would people pay when we get to see no result and when its supposedly meant to be a free trial session for us, the consumers? where has our entitlement went to, when we need to even pay for it?
    those who went before to any beautician shops should know their sly tactics of pretending to lower the prices of their packages in order to ‘suit our needs’. but who knows, that the package is really cost that much! today they can say to you that this package costed $2K, the next day another customer came and they can say that it just cost $100 for ‘student promotion rate’. is that even fair to all the consumers out there? why is there such a big difference in the price when the treatment is the same? shouldn’t the prices be written somewhere ‘black-n-white’? if you agree with me and is facing similar cheating issue, do pm me and let’s all combine our forces together to win this case, to get back our consumer rights.

  40. amelia tay says:


    I want to cancel my plan with them, how can I do that? i signed up with them using credit card 36 month installment plan.

  41. Fran Chan says:

    我要投诉,这么大间的公司采用非法手段骗人,你们的分行马来西亚(芙蓉分行),欺骗手段太过分。我是要试1st trial,结果要我拿byebye fat 2次,RM700那也算。拿了我信用卡去刷,再另外再刷3400的byebye fat配套。没有经过客户同意就刷人家卡,当时我要取消,那人说不能,如果我不签,【钱照过,但是你要白白付钱了】,强必下我被签了。现在你们要给我一个交代,可以退回3400给我吗?rm700做了一次,还有一次就送个你忙吧!

  42. How to di refund, packages sign up d, bull shit

  43. Winnie Kong says:

    Thanks for all the feedback, my appointment for the free trail was 4pm and i am cancel it now at 3pm.

  44. Hi everyone, I believe I’m the latest victim to have experienced what everyone has been through.

    1. I was in my BF’s car and we both heard the radio station 9.33 advertising something like, answer this question True or False, if your answer is correct stand to win 2 free slimming treatments. My BF encouraged me to go SMS to the station to try and win.

    2. Few days later, they sent me a message saying that I am one of the winners and to proceed down for my free slimming treatment with no obligations (as stated in their SMS). At that point of time, I was so naive and I thought I was so lucky to have free treatment just by answering the radio station (who would have thought 9.33 would conspire with them?). Hence I proceeded to make an appointment with Dorra.

    3. Headed down and it was the same procedure as everyone been through. They ask for IC for registration, I thought nothing of it. Then, they took my height, weight, body fat etc. Next we went into the consultation room where I was asked many questions. Mostly personal questions. I am actually quite fine with people asking my personal questions, but I found my consultant reply rather rude. Let me describe our whole conversation.

    C: So what do you work as?
    Me: I work as ________ .
    C: Oh doesn’t your job require you to be slim? You seem overweight now.
    Me: As long as we fit in the healthy BMI, its fine.
    C: I think that working your job requires you to be slim, I got friends who work the same line, they always tell me their company encourage them to lose weight.
    Me: …… Ok.

    C: How did you hear about Dorra?
    Me: From the radio station. They told me to answer a question to win this treatment.
    C: Oh it is actually a sales tactic taken up by the company.
    Me *thinking*: So I’m scammed?

    Some of her questions are rather intruding such as whether I have my personal savings, what kind of credit card do I have (to which I said I don’t have any, thank god). She told me she has to take my photos (clothes off) which was rather uncomfortable but at that point of time I only thought it was for my own good. After printing out my pics she start to criticize about my body and say how terrible state it is (it probably is, but the way she relentlessly put it…..) I totally lost all my self confidence or any pride I have for myself.

    After almost 1h30mins of explaining to me how the treatment works, the same hammer thingie with the ampoule serum, and drinking some essence that boost metabolism, she gave me the prices of the package, showed me OTHER PEOPLE’S semi naked photos (and their success story) to try and convince me the package works. I told her I don’t have credit card and may have to borrow my BF’s if I were to take up the installment plan (which I must say is very smart to put that I have to pay only $104 a month for 36 months to make it seem like a small amount, but I was skeptical of the amount and I took out my calculator to calculate total sum)

    I find it insulting that when my BF wasn’t supportive about this shady place, she start to say stuff like “He doesn’t even support you to become pretty, why are you together with him?” “Why are you so reliant on your BF?” etc. “How can you not have your own credit card?” (In which I replied I used to have, but I was blacklisted from bad debt) and then she say “Why don’t I assist you to sign a new cc, I’m sure it would go through?” and when all else fails, “Why dont you pay NETS the full amount?” So when I told her I have to think about it, its not a small amount. And when we were doing the treatment, she still continued, “What are you considering about? Don’t you want to be pretty?” “Do you think trying to be pretty doesn’t come with a price?”

    Which is all VERY EXTREMELY hard-sell and pressurizing. I hope nobody here has to go through what I been through, which put me down. We can all go exercise and eat healthy and that is FREE. Please do not go to this place where they only bring you down.

    • Ruth. G. says:

      Oh my god! I heard the same advertising too!!! Do you think it is possible for me to just now turn up for the next appointment? I paid a deposit of $300. I’m feeling upset with myself for not checking it up before going for the 1st time.

  45. Ruth. G. says:

    I just saw this… Should have googled before going down. Anyway, I placed a $300 deposit. Do you think it is possible for me to not turn up at all the next visit?

  46. geline1225 says:

    i have the same experience too (mid valley branch) , they are keep push you to sign the package and act like they are so caring you until you take out your card and signed up , you can see their evil smile. end up they take my debit card to pay for RM700 package. at first they tell me i am the winner so i can get 6 times of FREE treatment. but then now they say they giving me 12 treatments then i ask included my 6times FREE treatments? they say yes. omg now i read all the coments and found out its a fraud and we can sue them!

  47. sydneyleit says:

    Omg! After reading this then I realize i fell into their trap!! What should I do??? I paid almost $860 SGD and another 1900 SGD to go on the next visit. It’s alot 😵 And almost my 2months full salary! Can someone please tell me what to do or what should I do? Please please do reach me at / whatsapp at +6583106757. Please please help!!! Appreciate it in advance.

  48. Hi All,

    i went for a free trail at Dorra, although i did not sign up for any package at the end but all i gotten from the consultant was bad attitude after she knows im not signing up for any package. she did not even do the treatment for me properly. i remembered her taking photos of me before and after treatment. She did not even show me any photo. All she did was as me to change back my clothes and go out of the room. after that.. she left for another customer. i was left alone sitting there like an idiot! She did not say anything or explain any after treatment, etc. Right after the treatment, i immediately got puffy sore eyes and rashes all over my body. And i need to rush to the clinic nearer to my house to see a doctor and rush to Ttsh A&E to see another doctor and i paid so much for medical fees. it cost me iver a hundred! ): Maybe you might be thinking that i might have eaten smth that causes food allergy but to be honest…. all i eat was slice fish soup and drank plain water and i have been eating it for the past 20 over years without getting any allergy at all. It was right after the treatment and i got all those rashes. I called up the slimming centre the next day and inform them about what happened but they deny everything saying that its the food i ate and not anything to do with the treatment. the consultant that did the treatment for me even shouted back over the phone and arguing back with me.

    seriously WTF? please! if anyone is reading this comment and planning to try Dorra, i will advice… Dont go. Dont risk. Dont waste money. It isnt worth.

    FYI, the outlet i went was at Plaza Singapura and was served by GRACE BEH. The one who Serve you so freaking nice before treatment and giving you shitty attitude after she know youre not going to sign up any treatment and worse, giving you bad service throughout. Remember this person GRACE BEH, even if you still want to try going for Dorra, Never request for Her, Her service totally SUX to the core!

  49. Omg, may I know anyone success to get back the refund after Complaint and report case to police.
    I have totally same situation with you guys.
    Until now I instalment plan already RM870. In the beginning I just told them my budget is RM200 per month. But they keep on giving me hope! Just like the CULTS! Keep on mesmerise me! Force sales and unluckily I am a person don’t know how to say no at the time. After I learn to say know,They use different tricks to me. Recently I really felt so stress and my weight is keep on increase. I know I stupid I not dare to tell this things to any of my friends. My parents and my bf not understand me where is my money used. I used to be a very happy girl before meet Dorra, now I even stress till to suicide. I sincerely want to get back my incomplete treatment money.
    Is the police report useful?

  50. Sea Chelle says:

    hmmmm, I went for the trial yest “suppose”. The consultant saiko me for about 1 hr+ about their package. They keep saying they are frank toward customer n they are the most EXPENSIVE slimming center. No need to compare the price outside. Bye bye fat 10+10+1 (trial) 4K+. They said whether I sign or not they dun earn from commission, but earn point if customer give gd feedback and promise for customer to lose weight. After failing to interest me wif the 4K treatment, she change to cheaper one 1k, saying this is staff rate. -.-
    She oso Keep Asking do I own a credit card, my budget. I nv like instalment so I keep pushing ard n when I need to rush off, I told them I need to go already can I change back my clothes. To my surprise, she told me “change lo change here” -.- WT… By den the face already change.
    After that I change n go off without having the “FREE TRIAL”. They said is consider in the package added on once I sign up. She told me once I register but nv sign up, the trial and the promotion I wont entitle anymore once I step out. WAD A THREAT.

    On sec tot the picture on their pc could be photoshop – before & after different.

  51. Pingback: The purpose of this blog – stachesdehorway

  52. Marijo Contreras says:

    I went there ytd and my experience is very baaaaaad! Such a waste of time! And actually the 5 sessions they cost me was 320. So yes, the prices differ depending on your budget

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