Dorra Slimming Hard Sell

Everytime I go, I am asked the same questions, “So how? Have you thought of extending your package? Get 10 more sessions?” When I say no, I am brainwashed how it would

Some brainwashed tactics they use:
• When you get older, your fats will be harder to remove.
• How about spending only $50 more a month, and get rid of your problem altogether. It is only $50 more a month. (They forget to mention it would a 36 months aka 3 year debt.)
• Even though I was cheated, they make you believe that more sessions is THE ANSWER to the problem. And not because they over-promised and used fake advertising.
• Even when I told them I am cheated enough and am not going to deal with fats problem anymore, they ask, “So you are just going to leave it like this??”
• They reduce the package price each time, from a $3500 package to $2000 to $600 to $300, each time changing the type of machines and type of products used.
• They pretend to “care” about your fats problem, saying, “But you really have a serious fats problem over here, I even had my consultant stop me from proceeding with regular treatment just because I refuse to sign up for more sessions.
• When I compare to other slimming centers that gives packages at a price of less than $200 at twice more sessions, I beat myself up wondering why did I sign a few thousand dollars to Dorra. Guess what they would say? “Would you prefer the LV made in the streets or in the LV retailer store?”

I think the killer brainwashing tactic is when they pretend to care about your fats problem by proclaiming that a few more sessions will really help at the exorbitant price of a few thousand dollars, and me, really wanted the problem to be solved, is actually wavering at throwing another few thousand dollars (or at 3 years debt) just to “get the fat problem solved”. Knowing that:
1) I do not have the few thousand dollars of savings at the moment
2) There are other slimming centres that offers the same program at more session at less than one-tenth of the price.
3) I was already cheated once, am I still going to believe them??? Cheated once, shame on them; cheated twice, shame on me!

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4 Responses to Dorra Slimming Hard Sell

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  2. Alice says:

    I’m another victim. Could you please help me?

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  4. I am cheated of 17k too. Am going to make this issue out to the press and let everybody knows what they had done, in this cas3 we will have a better chance of winning against them!

    Contact me 92472245
    Joint power will make our stand stronger!

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